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By on 17.06.2016

Higher education in Slovakia is provided by higher education institutions with accredited study programmes. The goal is to develop harmonious personality, knowledge, wisdom, the good and creativity in people and contribute to the development of education, science, culture and health for the good of the whole society. Fulfilment of accreditation conditions is assessed by the Accreditation Commission of the Slovak Republic. Accreditation is granted by the Minister of Education based on the Accreditation Commission’s statement.

The academic year starts in agreement with the higher education act on the 1st September and ends on the 31st August of the following calendar year. It is structured into two semesters. The detailed structure of the academic year is available in a form of the so called Academic calendar. The study is based on credit system – the standard student load per academic year is 60 credits. Details on transfer and cumulating credits are set out in law. Within one Field of study (based on officially approved categorization) several Study programmes may be offered. There is a recommended Study plan approved for each study programme.

The department offers higher education in the Field of study “5.2.14 Automation” in all three level cycles. All study programmes have been accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic,

based on the

Accreditation Commission‘s statement from 2015:

  • The standard duration of the full-time first cycle study (Bachelor degree study programme, for the academic degree of Bachelor, abbr. “Bc.”) is 3 years
  • The standard duration of the full-time second cycle study (Master degree study programmes, for the academic degree of Engineer, abbr. “Ing.” is 2 years. The applicant is assumed to graduate from the first cycle in the field of Automation or some of related fields of study
  • The standard duration of the full-time third cycle study (Doctoral degree study programme, for the academic degree of Philosphiae Doctor, abbr. “PhD.”) is 3 years.

The given lengths of the study (2 or 3 years) hold good for full-time studies. Part-time studies are generally 1 year longer.

The overview of the offered study programmes is summarized in the figure below.