By on 17.06.2016

The page shows only selection of some of the most recent commercial projects (for the full list of all and/or older projects see Annual Reports).

Project Customer Realization Coordinator
S-103-0002/15 Adaptation of existing overall review of electronic interlocking boxes in Slovakia Siemens AG Vienna, Austria From 06/2015 Karol RASTOCNY (DCIS)
S-103-0014/15 Quantitative analysis of JAZZ-Kernel AZD Praha, s.r.o., Prague, Czech Republic From 08/2015 Karol RASTOCNY (DCIS)
S-103-0013/15 The overall review report for the system Simis W Sk. The phase of pixels version 5.1 of the system Simis W Sk V470K110210R373 Siemens AG Vienna, Austria From 11/2015 Karol RASTOCNY (DCIS)
S-103-0012/15 Report on technical safety of five-wire switch-point machine AH 950 Voestalpine SIGNALING, Zeltweg, Austria From 07/2015 Karol RASTOCNY (DCIS)
S-103-0009/15 Assessment of national requirements for installing the ETCS mobile unit on the electric unit (EPJ) type 671 Thales Rail Signalling Solution, GmbH, Vienna, Austria From 12/2014 Peter NAGY (DCIS)